The Coway IoCare mobile app, available for the Airmega & Aquamega gives you the freedom to control your product remotely when connected to Wi-Fi.

*Please note: your Coway IoCare app account will not be linked to your account.


Find out the quality of the air in your room—in real-time—and be confident that you’re breathing cleaner air.


With filter status alerts, you’ll know when it’s time to replace the HEPA filters. Because your Coway Airmega calculates the total volume of air it has processed over time, you can breathe deeper, knowing your filter notifications are accurate.


Program your Coway Airmega to turn on and off at specified times and days.

Indoor Air Quality Report

Coway Airmega helps you track a room’s air quality over time, so you can find out when air quality is at its best and worst.

Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

Outdoor air pollution can affect indoor air. Consult outdoor air-pollution levels for cities in your area to know when your Coway Airmega is needed most.

Speed and Smart Mode Control

Want to save energy when you’re not at home? Set fan speed and access smart mode controls remotely when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Scheduled Air Purification Made Easy

Set up scheduling for your air purifier usage to run at times that are most convenient for you.


Stay connected to your Coway Product with your smartphone by pairing with the app in seconds.

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